Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Siemens miniTek Bluetooth Audio Streamer

Siemens miniTek Bluetooth Audio Streamer - Siemens miniTek is everything you want from a wireless solution and more from a compact, palm-sized devices. It is is based on Bluetooth technology and communicates with nearly all Bluetooth devices. Siemens miniTek syncs all your gadgets with hearing instruments. It serves as an automatic streamer as well as a remote control. The device can connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

Siemens miniTek is a device designed to be used with hearing aids, and deliver audio from a range of devices like MP3 players, TVs, radios and mobile phones.

The miniTek feature a small black box that can be connected to your TV or any other audio device, it can then wirelessly stream ausio to hearing aids.

It can even be used to answer calls on mobile phones, and it can be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth.

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