Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Razer Ironclad Features

Razer Ironclad Features - Razer announced the Razer Ironclad elite hard gaming mouse mat, the only metal mat in Razer’s product range built to enhance and optimize the gliding capabilities of mouse for unparalleled mousing comfort and control. Equipped with a finely sandblasted surface, the Razer Ironclad minimizes hand discomfort and feels smooth to the touch, allowing for effortless and natural mouse movement by its sleek top. It features just the right amount of friction to deliver the precise targeting you need.

Razer Ironclad Features :

• Ultra-smooth sandblasted surface for the best mouse glide comfort and control
• Anodized aluminum body for reinforced strength and extended durability
• Extra-large to cater to low-sensitivity gamers
• Compatible with all mice
• Non-slip rubber base that stays put
• Protective carrying case for greater portability
• Approximate size: 320 mm (length) x 270mm (width) x 2.5mm (height)
• Price: US $59.99

The Razer Ironclad combines premium comfort, well-built resilience, and high precision tracking with its ultra-smooth sandblasted surface and extra-wide anodized aluminum body, providing gamers with the ultimate long-lasting hard gaming mouse mat. The non-slip rubber base ensures the mat stays put during the most intense of gaming sessions, and it comes with a carrying case for added mat protection and portability.

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