Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

How To More Harmonious We Love

How To More Harmonious We Love - You fantasize about romance in the moonlight. While the fantasy of romance partner in a public place. Fantasy is often used as a 'spice' in sexual activity. It's just that not everyone feels comfortable to tell their fantasies, especially about sex.

Though fantasy is to create a more satisfying sexual activity. Then, how to keep an open pair of fantasy?

Make him comfortable
Create a comfortable situation or comfort zone with your partner. Be sure to himself that you will not be scared or surprised if his imagination glaring sound strange. Show your attitude a good listener. Explain if you want it open to you even if you do not necessarily imagination.

Imagination about you both
Open discussion of the imagination which he never did. Do not use open questions such as: "What you imagination?" To avoid surprising answers that can hurt your own. But open the question: "Do you ever fantasize about us? What we do in your imagination? ".

Give him a choice
For fantasy could walk without any sense of awkward, create a game with multiple choice. Example: "What makes you excited, playing the patient - doctor, teacher - pupil or play with the costumes?". Games like this make a couple can express his choice without having to hurt you and make you comfortable bedua.

Show examples
Revealing a personal nature of imagination is not easy. There are other ways that make him not feel ashamed to express his imagination. Start by telling about the imagination of your friends are funny or even strange. After that ask him if he ever had the same imagination. Example - these examples make it comfortable because it was not the only weird one who fantasize about sex.

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