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How to Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking - Why you should quit smoking?

For the sake of your own health, in order to avoid the various diseases, improved healthcare, living a higher quality and free from any dependence from smoking.

Protecting children, wife / husband and people around so not exposed to the harmful effects of cigarette smoke because you smoke have a higher content of toxic smoke so that the inhaler is more at risk for experiencing health problems from smoking.

Facts About Cigarettes

Currently, smoking has killed 4.9 million people in the world in 2000 and is estimated to 9.8 million by the year 2020, meaning that people who die from smoking in the world is 350.000/bulan, 11.666/hari, 486/jam, and 8 people every minute.

Cigarettes also kill more than AIDS, drugs, accidents, homicide and suicide.

Current smokers in Indonesia amounted to 62,800,000 million people, consisting of 69.04 per cent of men and 4.83 percent female.

Saving Your Money

You no longer have to set aside money to buy cigarettes, for example in 1-day money to buy cigarettes as much as 10,000, then 1 week to Rp.70.000; 1 month 300,000; Rp.3.600.000 1 year, 5 years Rp.18.000. 000; 20 years Rp.72.000.000;


Quitting smoking can only be done with the intention of the smokers' own self.

Tips for Quitting Smoking:

1.Mulailah with strong intention to quit smoking.
2.Buat diary about the evils of smoking.
3.Jauhkan himself from all matters that gave rise to the desire to smoke.
4.Minum or eat fruit, candy or snacks if you develop the urge to smoke.
5.Sibukkan themselves with activities, sports or hobbies you.
6.Mintalah support nearest and when in need the help of a doctor to help you quit smoking.

According to existing data from 70 percent of people who quit smoking, only 5-10 percent that can do it without help, the success difficult to achieve if there is no strong desire, support from family and appropriate medical therapy.

Compared to cocaine and morphine, nicotine is an addictive component (additive) 5-10 times more potent cause psychoactive effects in humans. Incur expenses on them is the decline in productivity, economic burden, social, health and ultimately cause death.

To support smokers to quit smoking and ultimately reduce mortality rates caused by cigarettes in need of intensive integrated therapy solutions with ease of access.

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