Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Opera Mobile Ready to Explore in Android

Opera Mobile Ready to Explore in Android - Opera Mobile will come in a version of Android and will be available on Android Market in the next month, according to the company confirmed in a blog post. Opera promises to bring a more powerful way to browse the Internet in a handheld device.

"We are pleased to announce that we will deliver Opera Mobile for Android phones within a month ahead," Opera said in his blog, which is reported by TG Daily, Friday (14/10/2010).

"Navigating the page will be faster than ever and improving userinterface (UI) will be important. All this is made possible by taking full advantage of the power available on your cell phone," he wrote.

Opera which is a closed browser has taken a different approach to productivity continuously. It focuses on powering Web Access on a special device. For example recently they developed a Web browser available on the Nintendo Wii and DS systems.

In addition, a special Opera Android will be embedded with a feature called "Pinch for Zoom,". where this feature has two levels of zoom.

One to view the page in full size and a zoom to read the text in it. With this new feature, users can zoom from a full page view to the text you want to focus more fluidly.

Opera version of Android will be compatible with all versions of Android 2.2 Android including what is known as Froyo.

via pancawara.com
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