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Motorola FDD LTE USB-lt 7110 USB LTE Modem Features

Motorola FDD LTE USB-lt 7110 USB LTE Modem Features - Motorola this week announced the introduction of its new FDD LTE USB-lte 7110 modem, a plug-and-play device rated for FDD-LTE Category 3. In theory, Motorola's 4G modem should be capable of up to 100Mb/s downloads and 50Mb/s uploads.

Key Fact of Motorola FDD LTE USB-lt 7110 USB LTE Modem :

- The USB-lte 7110 provides delivery of reliable 4G mobile broadband connectivity anytime, anyplace – indoors, outdoors, at home or in the office via a common USB interface available on the end user’s laptop, netbook or tablet PC for a plug and play experience with absolutely no end user installation required.

- The LTE USB-lte 7110 is part of Motorola’s portfolio of high-performance broadband wireless solutions and services offering operators a complete end-to-end LTE network solution.

- Motorola’s LTE solution is comprised of its fourth-generation Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) broadband platform and a selection of radio options that include multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) and smart antennas. It also features Motorola’s award-winning advanced self-organizing network (SON) solution.

- LTE’s lower cost per bit makes bandwidth-hungry applications more cost effective for operators.

The device pops into any gadget with a USB port, such as your notebook, netbook, or tablet, and doesn't require any installation. It uses a pair of omni-directional MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) antennas and also includes Motorola's self-organizing network (SON) technology.

No word yet on price or availability.

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