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How to boost the Learning Motivation

How to boost the Learning Motivation - Motivation to learn each person, each other, may not be the same. Usually, it depends of what they want the person concerned. For example, a child willing to learn and pursue the first rank because diiming lure will buy a bike by his parents.

As another example, a student has a high learning motivation for graduating cum laude. After that, he aims to get a great job with the aim of pleasing her parents.

Anything, really, the factors that differentiate one's motivation to learn with others?
Several factors below a bit much to explain why the differences in self-motivation to learn each person, including:
• Differences of physiological (physiological needs), such as hunger, thirst, and sexual desire
• Differences sense of security (safety needs), both mentally, physically, and intellectually
• Differences love or affection (love needs) it receives
• difference in self-esteem (self esteem needs). Examples of prestige to own a car or a luxury home, office, and others.
• difference in self-actualization (self-actualization), the availability of opportunities for someone to develop the potential inherent in themselves so that turned into a real capability.

Stimulus learning motivation
There are 2 factors that make a person could be motivated to learn, namely:
• First, the motivation comes from internal factors. Motivation is formed by self-awareness of understanding of how important it is to learn to develop themselves and equipped to live the life.
• Second, the motivation to learn from external factors, which can be a stimulus from another person, or the surrounding environment that can affect the person psychologically.

Tips to increase learning motivation
Motivation to learn will not be formed if the person does not have the desire, aspiration, or realize the benefits of learning for themselves. Therefore, it takes a certain conditioning, for ourselves or anyone else who wanted the spirit to learn to be motivated.

Follow these tips to improve our learning motivation:

• Mix with people who enjoy learning
Associating with people who enjoy learning and achievement, will make us even eager to learn. Also, try to find people or communities that have good habits of learning.

Ask about the experience at various places to people who have or are continuing their education to higher level, people who get beasiwa studying abroad, or people who received awards for a presrasi.

Habits and their spirit will rub off on us. Like the analogy of people who are friends with a carpenter or blacksmith perfume seller. If we get along with blacksmith artisans, we also participated in the smell of burnt metal splashing, and if you mix with the perfume seller, we would be splashed scent of perfume.

• Learn any
Understanding learning here is widely understood, both formal and nonformal. We can learn about a variety of skills such as assembling computers, learning to write, make movies, sailed to entrepreneurship, and other others.

• Learning from the internet
We can use the Internet to join a group of people who enjoy learning. One of our mailing list to become a means of exchanging opinions, thoughts, and motivate yourself. For example, if you want to be motivated to learn English, we can go to the mailing list

• Bergaulah with people who are optimistic and always think positive
In this world, there are people who always seem optimistic despite problems merudung. We will catch the spirit, passion and sense of optimism if often socialize with people or are in a community like that, and vice versa.

• Find a motivator
Occasionally, someone takes another person as a driver or a mentor in life. For example: friends, boyfriend, or spouse. You can do the same by looking for someone / community who can help or motivate you mengarahakan learning and achievement.

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