Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

3D TV Without Glasses General Will Not Be Up to 10 Years Ahead

3D TV Without Glasses General Will Not Be Up to 10 Years Ahead - 3D display effect in the form of entertainment on television is nothing more difficult to obtain today, has many television manufacturers that bring these technologies to enhance the entertainment to a higher stage. Still 3D display technologies on television may not be suitable for some users who do not like wearing aids, glasses to enjoy the 3D view.

Therefore, the 3D view without the glasses later developed and have been present, some companies even lead to bring the unit tests of this television at the end of 2010. But one of the leading television manufacturers such as Samsung believe that 3D TV without glasses will not be commonly found in homes within the next 5-10 years. This is because the technical problems that made the television is very costly to be produced which makes it too expensive for the consumer.

President of Samsung's Visual Display Elektronics, BK Yoon stressed the technology was going to take 3D without glasses relatively easy for mobile devices that only have a small screen, say for example the Nintendo 3DS, but when it comes to television is a large sail, the challenge becomes much more difficult to implemented.

At least a minimum of 5 years when 3D TV without glasses enough to be called mainstream in the eyes of consumers. Consumers can only wear 3D glasses to enjoy the movie theaters, but when use it constantly at home, it's not all consumers will use them.

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