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How To Make a Music Demo

How To Make a Music Demo - Interested in making music demo? Well, first perhatiin things below:

1. Packaging Demo
Try the demo is wrapped with a nice package with the cover design, photo artist / band with packaging-me-like CDs were sold in the market. Do not forget the bio data of the artist and title of the credit also who are involved in making the demo page.

2. Photo figure of the artist or band must have at least designed or selected by a professional
This means that there are similarities between the image of the photo with the type of music which was delivered. Imagine if the music is Rock and photo artists use gloves and cap or pop music but the photo artist using leather jacket with spikes and boots a la Marilyn Manson.

3. Number of pieces in 1 demo
Please send at least 3 or 4 songs is the best & is expected to attract attention (It does not mean cheating songs, the kind of music arranger ataui other songs). If indeed there is diversity may be at least the beat of the song tracks in the demo. This is needed for the label can get a complete picture.

4. Music arranger
Because the industry will involve consumers / communities who generally lay, then try to select songs with notations and arrangements that are not too complicated, although still have the idealism and represents the color and style or the style of original music from the musicians themselves. It must be remembered that the labels are not musicians or artists! Those workers who are essentially trading industry.

Tips: Intro song not too long, or more than 10-15 seconds. And select a theme to a theme that would attract and easily digested. This is to prevent boredom from the label at the time of the demo is playing. Try to imagine the label must be heard and to choose from at least 20 demos with the contents of 4 songs which means they must hear and choose 80 songs every day. So do not blame them too much if the music is on the market today 'uniform'.

5. Audio Quality
These factors also determine which. Songs and musical arrangements that would sound good uninteresting if not accompanied with good audio quality. Frequency, Balancing between instruments and between the music with the vocals all have to be heard clearly.

6. Contact Person
Do not forget to include a contact number that is ready to be contacted at any time. It would be better if there is some number of contacts. Because bagaimanapin good if no one arrives demo can be reached then all become useless.

Music by honest and not lie to the public and yourself is to not cheat or retell other people's work.

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