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How Raising Children Creative

How Raising Children Creative - Mothers and fathers who want to raise 'Michelangelo' new might need a little restraint. New research says that kids whose parents really 'let them' will become more creative than children whose parents were more involved in the process of their creativity. The findings were presented by Dr. Dale Grubb of Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society.

Parents who like to teach various things to their children, tend to have children who are less creative, he explained. And that needs to be underlined is that sometimes they are too much to try to get involved in the process of creativity of the child.

Let them develop creativity
In that study, they use different testing methods to assess the creativity of 29 people aged children 3-6 years, and creativity of a parent such children. Grubb explained that in one test they give you a few simple questions, like "how you can use a piece of paper?" or "how you can use a box?", and the more or the more 'foreign' answers are given, then they are considered more creative.

Not surprisingly, parents who seem to have more creative children are more creative. But Grubb said that they are still not clear whether this occurs due to genetic factors or the way they educate. By focusing attention on how to educate parents, the researchers record the interaction between parents and their children while at play. They make the assumption that parents with a way to educate the most supportive and 'possible', will have children who are most creative. "'Allow' means being very focused on the child, ask the child about what he wants to do, why this or that and other things like that," Grubb explains.

But the assumptions they made were wrong. Style educate the 'possible' is not only nothing to do with a certain level of creativity of children, but instead - although not large - tend to cause a reduction in creativity. "In fact the style of 'Allow' this can easily develop into what is called the attitude of 'force', which makes parents often say:" do so, do it like this ", and do not give much choice to their children," said Grubb.

Messages that can be taken, according to Grubb, is that if the parents appreciate the creativity of the child and provide support without being too direct, and if they themselves are creative, then they probably will have children who are more creative.

How can this be applied to the child's playroom?
First of all, avoid tools that enforce the concept of the structure of the game or limit the creativity of the child. Give them a plain white paper instead of coloring books (with pictures of a pre-set) and let them find themselves where they want to go.

Choose the tools that shape the game more easily be changed (such as wax toys), rather than the blocks that are connected to each other and can only form a square building is limited.

But most important, always give praise for the efforts they have done. They might draw something silly or unreasonable, but still give praise because they have tried to create something new.

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