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How To Maintain Environment

How To Maintain Environment - Everyone will want a clean environment, comfortable and healthy. When viewing environment like that, certainly we feel happy to participate. But in fact, hard pressed to find an environment that is really clean and healthy. Not infrequently, a lot of garbage that is an eyesore. Not only that, during the rainy season, rain water puddled everywhere. River overflowed and flooded the subscription each year. Finally, a dirty environment triggers Aigepty Aides mosquito breeding, the mosquitoes carrying dengue fever.

Every disaster, natural is often used as an excuse. In fact, if we can be more concerned about the environment, existing problems of the environment can be avoided, you know. If not for our own care for the environment, who else?

Up From Flood Dengue Fever
Flood became one of the most feel the impact of environmental degradation. When the rains come, the people who live around the flood area became aware of the coming flood. For them, flooding has become a routine every year. Quickly, the water entered the houses and soak the entire home furnishings. When the floods came, the losses are not small, possessions become damaged, clothes become dirty, even the disease came.

Cutting down trees carelessly, you could say damage the environment too, you know. In fact, the tree was important to absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen for human survival. With increasing air pollution in large cities, trees can neutralize the pollution, you know.

No maintenance of the home and surrounding environment, can also cause dengue fever epidemic. Many people who are less concerned with the surrounding environment. Items that are not used anymore as, tin cans, buckets, and bottles can become mosquito breeding. Likewise with the clothes that accumulate on hangers. Ben, 6th grade students in one elementary school in the area of Depok is one of the victims of dengue fever. Ben did not attend school for nearly two weeks since suffering from dengue fever. "Apparently, being treated in hospital, it is not good. Since recovering from dengue fever, I so often to clean the room. "

Start From Now
Well, certainly do not delay anymore to protect the environment. Many ways anyway, we can do to protect the environment. We can start from the smallest things at home or school environment. Want to know how? Here, a few steps that can be replicated:

1. Do not throw litter
Apparently this is an easy thing to do. Wherever we are, we must always remember to dispose of waste in place. Although at home we already dispose of waste in place, should also make sure our waste disposed to landfills rather than rivers. Do not be shy to call a friend who throw litter. If it can do this, surely we can move to the next stage.

2. Mutual cooperation
Well, usually every month, neighborhood and school always held a community service event. Do not forget to always participate. If cleaning up the environment together, surely the surrounding environment will be clean, and free of disease outbreaks.

3. Tree Planting
Trying to plant trees at school and home environments. Invite your friends to join. Once planted do not forget to flush and maintain the tree. In addition to a shady environment, trees can also neutralize the dirty air, you know. So the air in our environment can feel fresh.

4. Following the Non-Governmental Organization
Who said campaigning activities just for adults? We also can follow-up, No harm, joined environmental agencies. In addition to campaigning on the environment, we also have positive activities to be ambassadors of the environment.

Well, by cleaning and protecting the environment, we of course a huge benefit. In addition to preventing flooding, clean environment can prevent us from outbreaks of diseases like dengue fever. Come on, do not hesitate to protect the environment.!

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