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How to Keep The Children From Cyber Crimes

How to Keep The Children From Cybercrimes - The Internet can be regarded as the two blades. On the one hand can be used for positive things, but on the other side of the Internet users caught by the virtual world of evil.

Crime on the Internet is becoming more dangerous as it threatens the children. Because they are too young to track suspicious activities around them. So, the responsibility of every parent always supervise their children.

How to prevent crime Maya World:

* Support for our children and their friends to look after the other - this will greatly reduce the possibility that they serve as goals.
* Place the family computer with an Internet connection and toys in the middle of the house to monitor online activities of children easier.
* Ask the children what they do when you are online, and try to get a detailed answer. Ask them for the tour online at the web sites they visit regularly, and other online activities in which they participate in it.
* Perform a thorough discussion on cyber crime with older children who can access the Internet in different, even outside the house, where they are not always monitored.
* Make sure children feel comfortable reporting crimes they experience to you, you promise that you report incidents, if they want - and do. Example, addressing the parents of convicted criminals, teachers, or any other party to enable it worse. Think about your best strategies to raise children.
* Give a clear picture for the kids, things they will get if the involvement of a crime in the virtual world with other people.

What if your children are victims of cyber crime:

1. Attempt to Block: Start reducing their interaction with criminals in cyberspace in a sort of path of technology or refused to respond to crimes. Children should refuse to broadcast the message of evil and they should tell their friends to do the same.
2. Communicate: Discuss the impact of cyberspace crimes with children, including problems of their participation and support for crime reports to the parents or adults they trust.
3. Try Family Safety software: Controlling what children can see and do and with whom they interact online through the available software. Since the use of software that can provide reports to parents about using the computer of their children, which helps parents work with their children online activities.
4. Study: Know exactly what you talked about the children when they come to you for help. Find out what they do online and what sites they visit before problems arise.
5. Information: namely the policy against crime among school-age children and the ISP at home, or conditions.
6. Announcement: Knowing who is contacted when a child is exposed in the virtual world of evil. Example at school, where the crime was committed. Or local police if necessary.

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