Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

How to Cope with Pain Fatigue

How to Cope with Pain Fatigue - How to cope with excessive fatigue felt by most of the day? A person can indeed feel fatigue in his daily routine, no matter how long she slept / rested. Are there healthy steps you can take to cope with excessive fatigue, without involving coffee or caffeine as an enhancer element of the spirit?
Please note that most of the tiredness caused by lack of fluids (dehydration). Therefore, health experts always recommend that you consume at least 2 liters of water per day (more for those who do sports activities).

Too much consumption of sugar and fatty foods can also make a person easily tired and sleepy. Instead, you can increase the consumption of fiber foods, fruits, and vegetables fresh.

In addition, lack of exercise also take responsibility for the fatigue you feel. People who are diligent / regular exercise has a more excellent stamina, and metabolism is also better than people with less motion.

The last suggestion is to start the day with optimism. The spirit of you in the morning will determine your emotions on all day. If you start a new day with a positive spirit, then you will spend the day with a maximum. Therefore, keep your heart!

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