Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

How to cope with body odor

How to cope with body odor - Every day, people used to spend half a liter of sweat and most of the sweat evaporates into the air without much hassle, but some do not. sweat when we are caught, an example in the armpits, the bacteria will quickly grow and body smell that reproduced.

There are several ways to help us fight this body odor:

1. Choose your clothes carefully
Tight clothing and synthetic type causes more sweat than usual clothing. so best to wear loose clothing made of cotton for your body to breathe.

2. Use deodorants and antiperspirants
Anti-per spirants contain aluminum salts which can reduce sweating by closing the channels of sweat.
Deodorants, on the other hand contain antiseptic to fight bacteria. deodorants help reduce the smell but does not reduce sweat happened.

3. Maintain cleanliness
Bathing regularly is the cornerstone in the fight against body odor.

4. Avoid hot drinks
Hot drinks that can increase body heat and increase perspiration. so if you are worried about your body odor, it's good to get used to drinking cold water.

5. Use perfume
Perfume may be unable to overcome the body sweat instantly, but they will help when smells occurred.

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