Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Apple Will Focus Create a New MacBook

Apple Will Focus Create a New MacBook - After the successful conquest of the tablet market with the iPad, Apple is now back to change its strategy with the focus back to Mac.

The rumors came after Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced one more conference in Cupertino Club on 20 October, where he is expected to reveal details about the Mac OS that is a long-awaited OS X 10.7 or Lion.

Apple is also likely to announce a replacement for the MacBook Air is somewhat obsolete and ignored, because it was not long enough to be refreshed since the mid-2009.

As AppleInsider notes, Mac will come with a revolutionary new 11.6-inch screen that is designed in an effort to create more notebooks with competitive prices for students and business travelers.

Some observers speculate that Apple may reveal a new lineup of MacBook Pro, which can be presented with an Intel Core I3 fast and yet with a more durable battery.

Both also hypothesized that each refreshes MacBooks could theoretically the new features of the processor and GPU Nvidia middle-upper class, which will be a "welcome addition" to a higher range than the Macbook Pro 15 and 17-inchers.

via pancawara.com
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