Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Panasonic Lumix Phone Specification

Panasonic Lumix Phone Specification - Panasonic has unveiled its first Lumix Phone, which will be taking forward it’s Lumix camera brand name into the cell phone market. The new phone was revealed on Tuesday in Japan. The Lumix phone is an engineering marvel, as it features a 13.2 mega pixel camera in the rear, but it does not have any type of optical zoom. This particular phone was unveiled at Ceatec electronics show, near the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

Panasonic Lumix Phone Specification :

- 3.3-inch LCD screen with 854×480 resolution.
- “Mobile VenusEngine” for HD images.
- 13.2 mega pixel Camera with CMOS sensor.
- MicroSDHC slot.
- Wi-Fi.
- DLNA support.
- Size: 116×52×17.7mm, weight: 146g.
- Slider Candybar form factor with numerical pad.

Available in black, pink, gold and blue, the Panasonic Lumix Phone with dimensions of 116×52×17.7mm and weighs 146g is expected to be available in Japan later this year. However, the price of the Lumix Phone is not yet announced.

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