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Epson PowerLite 1700-Series Projectors Features

Epson PowerLite 1700-Series Projectors Features - Epson unveiled the 1700 series of PowerLite projectors back during the summer and the company has announced that as of today the projectors are finally shipping. The models in the line include the PowerLite 1750, 1760W, 1770W, and 1775W projectors. All of the models are less than four pounds and are about 1.7-inches tall making them about as thick as a laptop. The projector line is for the mobile pro or business user looking for portability in a 3LCD projector.

Epson PowerLite 1700-series projectors offer 3LCD image quality, high brightness and user-friendly and hassle-free features. The PowerLite 1750 and 1760W has 2600 lumens brightness of color and white light output, the PowerLite 1770W and 1775W offer 3000 lumens brightness of color and white light output.

Epson PowerLite 1700-Series Projectors Features :

- Quick-Connect Wireless USB key: Included with the PowerLite 1775W and optional with the PowerLite 1770W and 1760W, easy plug and play wireless presentations are possible by simply inserting the wireless USB Key into the projector (first time setup only) and then into the PC; the USB Key automatically creates an ad-hoc wireless connection to the projector for instantaneous use and can be shared between computers for multiple presenters

- Wireless Networking: Included on the PowerLite 1775W and optional on the PowerLite1760W and 1770W, allows for wireless presentations with audio using the 802.11 b/g/n module via a PC or Mac

- HDMI Connectivity: The PowerLite 1760W, 1770W and 1775W include an all-digital HDMI connection for high quality video and digital audio

- Horizontal Keystone Correction: Squares the image even if the projector is placed off-center from the screen รข€“ all four models feature automatic vertical keystone correction, the PowerLite 1750, 1760W and 1770W have manual horizontal keystone correction, and the PowerLite 1775W adds automatic horizontal keystone correction

- Screen Fit: The PowerLite 1775W automatically adjusts keystone and focus to fill the screen size that is being used

- Positioning Flexibility: 1.2x zoom requires a shorter throw distance, allowing for the projection of large images in smaller rooms; a 60-inch image can be projected from a distance of approximately four feet away

- EasyMP Monitor and Control: When connected to a network the PowerLite 1760W, 1770W and 1775W offer monitoring and control, virtual remote control, and presentation via IP network capabilities for a variety of presentation and audience needs

Epson starts shipping its PowerLite 1700-Series projectors announced in June. The four projectors, 1750, 1760W, 1770W, and 1775W are priced at $799, $899, $999 and $1199 respectively.

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