Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

3M Shoot ‘n Share CP40 Camcorder Projector

3M Shoot ‘n Share CP40 Camcorder Projector - 3M has combined a portable camcorder and a pico projector in the form of 3M Shoot ‘n Share CP40 camcorder projector. The 3M CP40 allows you to record video at a quality of 720p HD in H.264 MP4 format. And the best is you can project the recorded video right on the wall; without having to strain your eyes with tiny displays.

As a portable projector, 3M’s Shoot ‘n Share features 640×480 VGA resolution. It can project images of 6-inch – 65-inch. The device supports composite video input. The CP40 supports microSD/SDHC memory for storing recorded video while it can also show contents stored in memory cards.

It has easy operating system just push a button to record video and Push a button to project and share. By putting a microSD™ card and get up to 20 hours of video. It also works with your iPod, iPhone, mobile phone, gaming consoles and DVD player. You can also connects through USB and can upload to your PC and further. It is available in white color with stylish design. Price tag of this latest handy 3M Shoot ‘n Share CP40 Camcorder Projector is just 295 and available at Amazon.

via pancawara.com
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