Jumat, 03 September 2010

HP Wireless TV Connect Streams HD Videos

HP announced more then just laptops, but this product is a bit of and odd man out. For whatever reason they’ve decided to come out with a wireless media streaming box. Makes sense, until you start reading up on exactly how it works. The video does stream at 1080p, so that’s cool; but after that, it just gets strange.

HP has come up with its own standard rather than Wireless HD and the sound and image apparently will be lag free. We do wonder if there’s enough bandwidth to send more than stereo audio, as if the connected TV is HDMI 1.4 enabled it could send surround sound from the laptop to an amp under the TV, via the audio return path.

No adaptors are required as power comes via HDMI but both the boxes are on the bulky side, though you can clip the transmitter box to the back of your laptop screen.

Software installation isn’t necessary and you apparently won’t experience any lag. The HP Wireless TV Connect will be compatible with almost every laptop that sports an HDMI port and isn’t limited to HP notebooks only. The HP Wireless TV Connect will be retailing for $199 when it’s available this October.

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HP Wireless TV Connect - Pancawara.com
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